The Artist

Tara Shakti was born and raised in Madagascar. In 2018, she received the "Consultant spécialiste du marché de l'art"  diploma from Drouot Formation Paris. 

In 2017, she received the Accademia d'arte di Firenze diploma.


2019. june 7-july 31 : Château de Mirambeau France

2017. oct   20-22 : Carrousel du Louvre Paris

2017. june 01-30 : World Art Fair Chelsea New York

2017. feb : Group Show "beauty and elegance" Roma

2016. nov 03-05 : Origin Africa, Madagascar

2016. oct 18-31 : Au-delà de l'apparence, Madagascar

2014. Spiritual art Thérèse de Lisieux, Broadway

2009. Group Show ArtLigre, Paris


2019. Mosaic 2019 exposé NEW YORK

2019. Zama PARIS

2017. Special Prize at Le Carrousel du Louvre PARIS

Artist statement

Woman of all ages, nationalities and faiths have been forced into submissive, subservient and even subhuman roles in society to satisfy the cravings of a domineering male society. There were generations of women who sat in silence and endured these atrocities.


Exploring the thoughts from another dimension is a big challenge as the women I paint are ethereal. Their thought appear futuristic, other worldly, multi-dimensional. Their focus is on the future, not simply what they have gone through in their past.


I use acrylic painting on canvas for its fast-drying pigment and ink mixed with charcoal for works on paper. 


My goal is to raise awareness and ignite conversations about who women are, what they can do and what they will do for gender equality and global justice for all. As art remains one of ways to share thoughts, it is my engagement to stand up for nations of women united. It is a long and difficult journey but united can be done. It takes courage to effect changes in society, and sacrifices must be made. Courage can come from conversations that give people a platform to speak their mind.