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Past Events

            Winner of Mosaic 2019 AWARD 

against human trafficking (painting category) during the Mosaic Federation gala held in New York city the 10th of september


Through the series “Archives” I have tried to capture the nobility and strength of the Malgasy women who suffer in human bondage, fighting each moment of each day for their souls. My brush and paint a chronicle of this attempt to crush the human soul but these women unrelenting holding on to the divine spark within them.

I try to honor the hopes, the dreams and the freedom they longed for in their depictions. Their strength added to others in the hopes of finally breaking these women from these invisible chains that bind not just them but the souls of all who watch it happen.

Most art depicting slavery present the physical chains of bondage. In this series I wanted the audience to feel the invisible psychological chains that bind these women. In their faces, I wanted the audience to feel their dignity. A dignity still intact despite the incredible trauma they have endured from the darkest demons of humanity. And lastly, they sit waiting. Waiting for the world to recognize the inhumanity that afflicts them and poisons the soul of the world. They will stand with us when we change and prevent another cycle of bondage and break the invisible chains holding world from ascended to a better place.

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